Single, December 2013

An absolute labor of love; an XTC song that, on its release in 1989, choked me up with its propulsive and unabashed affection. One of Andy Partridge’s best, which is REALLY saying something.

As far as I’m concerned, no cover is worth doing if it’s the same as the original — the whole point is to own it. Besides, how the hell do you re-do the brilliance and fleet-fingered mastery of the original? So, a re-voicing of the chords and a bouncier/more spare Bootsy-cum-McCartney bassline, with snappy syncpoated drums and voila. Incidentally, this one was cut at home, with Mark cutting the drums in Vegas and sending them in, and prior to Mike joining — it’s the only track in which I play bass entirely through. So this is like 66% ‘luxe.

Personnel: Rob (guitars, vocals, bass, organ), Mark Pardy (drums), Phil Rohr (mix)

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