On the morning of October 27, 2018, in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, the Tree of Life Synagogue’s shabbat morning services were interrupted by a terrorist’s assault. 11 were killed, and 7 injured.

  1. Enter
    Grab a seat; the ceremony’s about to begin
  2. Green Light Morning (Waiting For A Sign)
    A perfect Autumn Saturday morning, Squirrel Hill
  3. The Low Hum
    Ear to the ground…
  4. Little Lambs, Regular Guys
    The garbage fire of miscreants grows, fanned and flattered
  5. The Gathering Storm
    Discord coalesces into a malevolent force
  6. Marchers
    You seem special. Don’t we all want to be special?
  7. Walk In The Sun
    The self-anointed savior sings
  8. Leaves On The Ground
    Kaddish #1 — balloons float off, leaves fall.
  9. Beauty In The Broken Place
    God reluctantly visits the sanctuary, singing. We are all beauty in a broken place.
  10. It’s Happening Again
    Ester, a holocaust survivor, wearily said this on seeing the news. She died about a month later.
  11. Nothing Changes (Same Old Sun)
    Today’s torah portion, sung by the Sun and the Moon.
  12. We Told You
    Deep inside the bones, ancestors rattle, issuing warnings, panic, and nightmares.
  13. Where Did I Go Wrong?
    Song for all of the well-meaning bystanders. What kind of singing will we do in the dark?
  14. Man On The Scene
    Not an easy job
  15. Stand
    The congregation will rise
  16. Hat of Rain
    Mourner’s kaddish, the dead singing to us, at the transformational moment. Life was absurd, wasn’t it? Is it over? Remember us.
  17. The Crow’s Nest (Marchers Return)
    The defeated return
  18. The Sunsets In The West
    Also, The Sun Sets In The West
  19. Exit

Populuxe are:

Mike Mallory, bass and vocals
Mark Pardy, drums, percussion and vocals
Rob Shapiro, guitars, keyboards, harmonicas, melodica, lead and backing vocals

Annie Enneking sings on:
Green Light Morning, Walk In The Sun, Hat Of Rain

Recorded at The Hovel, Gelndale CA
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob

All songs by Rob Shapiro, Them One Guys Music ASCAP, copyright 2019