EP, August 2005. A 3-song thru-composed suite. Volume & Tone Records

The germ of it was planted following a summer residence playing in a 5-star resort in Bora Bora. While cramming to learn the 100+ songs necessary to fill 5+ hours nightly, a set list ranging from Hoagy Carmichael and the Gershwin Brothers, all the way through to Elvis Costello, I was thrilled to discover how keys could essentially shift and disappear. Then one night months later, the main song just sort of appeared — I thought it was silly, until the next morning, when it hit me what it was actually about. Then I was scared in the best possible way.

For maximum impact, listen to it the first time all the way through, on headphones.

Personnel: Rob (guitars, vocals, fuzz bass, piano), Pete Straub (drums, percussion, loops, vocals), Joshua Pickering (guitar, rhodes, vocals), Joe Dunne (bass), MIchael Rozon (producer)

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